Since 1972,
we design and manufacture
molds for plastic materials

We are the perfect partner in the design and production of molds for plastic materials. Thanks to our qualified team, we follow the customer in all phases: from design to mold development, to sampling, up to the production of plastic items.

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A name full of history

The history of Bazzana S.r.l. is in its name. It is the story of Angelo Bazzana, who founded his company in 1972 in Momo. His dream continues thanks to his children Renato and Adriana.
A dream that began 50 years ago it is now a strong reality.

About our history


We make molds for plastic materials intended for production in various sectors, from taps to technical items, from design to electrical components, from automotive to cosmetic packaging, aiming to achieve the maximum of the final product.

Why chose us?


For almost 50 years we have been a competent and reliable partner in the field of mold manufacturing and plastic molding.


We design and manufacture with cutting-edge technologies in the constant search for innovation and improvement.


We work with the utmost attention in the phases of the entire production process to achieve the highest quality.

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