a family history

In 1972 Angelo Bazzana founded Bazzana, a company that deals with the construction of molds and molding of plastic materials. Today, his two sons, Renato and Adriana, lead the company with passion and professionalism while maintaining a solid company up with the times.

For almost 50 years Bazzana has been working in the field of designing and manufacturing molds for plastic materials in various sectors. Design, Automotive, Bicomponent, Technical Articles, Sports Articles as well as having worked on a particular specialization in the high-quality cosmetics sector in the last 15 years.

Bazzana takes care of all the processing stages, starting from the design, through the construction of all the details up to the assembly, sampling of the ordered item, the testing of the mold, and the production of the same when required.

Bazzana - 50 years

A name full of history

The history of Bazzana S.r.l. is in its name. It is the story of Angelo Bazzana, who founded his company in 1972 in Momo. He moved to the small Piedmontese town in 1962 from Brescia after being called as a workshop manager in a precision machinery company. Right from the start, his passion for mechanics, his inventiveness, and his curiosity stand out, and combined with the experience he gained over time, enabled Angelo to dream big. After ten years as an employee, he decided to start his own business and set up the Bazzana company. With courage and a great spirit of initiative, he invested all his savings betting on a new material: plastic.

Over the years, the company gradually grew thanks to sacrifice and dedication to work, the staff gained more experience and in the 1980s his sons Renato and Adriana also became part of company life. Enterprising like their father, they invested in new technologies and innovation. They thus opened the doors to new markets and high-quality sectors such as automotive, medical, and cosmetics. Through time, they expanded the range of services, and the company opened a plastic molding department with the aim of better meeting the needs of its customers.

Today, they lead Bazzana S.r.l., which now has 23 employees, including Adriana's two young sons. The story begun by Angelo thus continues to be written through the next generations. They are carrying on not only an inherited work but above all the beauty of a dream.