We design and manufacture molds
For 50 years, we have been making new generation molds for plastic materials


Our internal design office, with a highly qualified staff, cutting-edge and constantly updated software, interfaces with the customer at best from the initial stages of the mold construction process, always remaining in contact with him in order to create a valid collaboration relationship.


With a production process of the highest precision, we build molds for the production of plastics aimed at various sectors: automotive, technical items, sports items, packaging, cosmetic and medical packaging. Over the years we have specialized in the construction of multi-cavity molds with high productivity, bi-material, unscrewing, and blowing.


Once the mold construction process is finished, we have the ability to test, make dimensional reports and provide samples of the requested item. This allows for reducing the set-up times and any modifications of the mold.


In addition to the testing of the molds, we also have a molding department that has already been running for several years, consisting of a fleet of machines/presses ranging from 50 to 160 tons. able to support even large productions if required. Our molding section is also integrated by an office dedicated to the quality control of the articles we produce. Our production sectors range from automotive to cosmetics to technical items.


Our company also offers various services related to third-party processing:

Wire EDM

With this process, it is possible to perform very complex shapes on any conductive material regardless of hardness.

Wire machines available:

    corse: x500/y350/z250
    conicità: +/-30° on 100mm
    corse: x540/y350/z400
    conicità: +/-10° on 250mm

Die sinking EDM

With this type of processing, we can work with electrodes built-in copper or in graphite, it is possible to process all conductive materials to obtain processes that other traditional machines cannot perform, with roughness up to RA 0.2.

Plunging machines available both equipped with automatic electrode change and controlled C axis:

    corse: x440/y300/z320
  • AGIE 3U
    corse: x420/y320/z260 strokes

Micro perforation

We can make holes from diam. 0.3mm up to diam. 3mm.

  • corse: x300/y250/z340 strokes