Our technologies, our strength
The best technologies on the market to design and build molds for innovative plastics

Our technological resources are the fundamental element that allows us to respond to customer needs and to increasingly higher quality and safety standards.

Our technical department makes use of 2D and 3D CAD systems capable of satisfying the customer's needs from the study of the detail to the design of the mold for the final realization of the product.

With our innovative machinery and equipment, our molding department allows us to test the functioning of the mold through testing on injection presses and/or provide the customer with pre-samples useful for achieving the product, accelerating the short time required by the market today.


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New possibilities to enhance our customers' products

With laser technology, it is possible to create textures and microstructures, mark and engrave 2D geometric shapes and complex 3D geometries. Compared to the traditional processing of surfaces obtained by photoengraving, milling, and EDM, laser processing offers economic, ecological, and creative advantages. This technology can be used on both hardened and non-tempered steel, copper, and aluminum. With laser engraving, it is possible to use a completely digitalized and completely repeatable process indefinitely. An accuracy of 0. O 1 MM is guaranteed.

In the world of molds and precision mechanics, it is particularly suitable for the construction of electrodes, writings, micro-removals, very complex engravings, and texturing.

Technical specifications:

  • Laser source: pulsed fiber laser 30 watts focal 160
  • 3 axes option with linear axes 700 x 400 work table
    Maximum workpiece weight 350 kg
    X - MM usable stroke 580
    Y - MM usable stroke 460
    Z - MM usable stroke 825
  • 5-axis option with rotary axes
    Maximum load 75 kg on the spindle
    B axis rotation angle 360°
    A-axis rotation angle of 210°